Monday, October 26, 2009

Warm Reception

Welcome to my spot...
Green Garden is the place where you can 'chillax' (chill-out, sit back, and just relax), enjoying beautiful panoramic and natural scenery, seeing the state of art science and technology, refreshing in the nice and warm society, rejoicing the truly of environmentally friendly.
It shall lead us to questioning ourselves...

"...then which grace (blessing) from God will you deny?"


  1. Hello sir,

    I just got the chance to take a close look to your blog. Please keep it safe and sound. Perhaps when you grow as a public figure, you would take this writings as part of your autobiography book :)

    Update please? I could learn about the process of maturity in here

  2. Hello there Sir and Madam of The Prabaharyaka,
    Apologize that I've just read your comment, it's truly an honor to have a feed-back from you guys, especially during this stagnant point of my writing (hopefully not indicate the stagnant maturity).. These last days I called as The "Dead Brain" time, shown by unproductive time of writing (most posting were about quotes and excerpted from other link).. I should learn a lot from U guys!

    Your supports means a lot to motivate "Rising of The Fallen".. Ever since the blogging can be done from My Hackberry.. Here's the link to my new blog:

    I also preparing a new blog for my new hobby (bicycling) :

    (with more photos, since pictures describe better than a thousands words)