Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Dead Brain Battery" by Bruce Lindbloom

Heart shaped tattoos
Sweet like strawberries
On a painted dove
Inside my cage of love
Whispering only euphoria memories

High liquid desires
Fill my cup completely
So I fully swallow
Your slow fading rainbow
Try to purify my soul properly

Never really touched
Your inner secret soul
A swan bath in jade
Reveals a glittering shade mending all broken unto whole

How do I rehabilitate
Of you tasting so delightfully
I can inly swallow
Your slow fading rainbow
And recharge my dead brain battery

"Indigo Darkness" by #SomeBodyElseNotMe#

Indigo darkness,
Souls will entwin,
Home of the heartless,
Sweared all was fine


A heart that was leading,
Away from our fright,
Wounds that are bleeding,
Away in the night


Time has not ended,
Blue from the pain,
Allies befriended,
Alone in the rain.


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